Starfix Amex

Oficialus gamintojo atstovas Baltijos šalyse - Official manufacturer's representative in Baltic States - Oficiālais ražotājs parstāvis Baltijas valstīs - Tootja ametlik esindaja Baltimaades - Официальный представитель производителя в странах Балтии 


UAB "Amex Baltic" - official representative of  TZ "AMEX" - Starfix AMEX, manufacturer of plastic and metal fasteners, in the Baltic States.

Wholesale of fasteners and tool accessories.

UAB "Amex Baltic" started its activities as a representative of TZ "AMEX" - Starfix Amex in the Baltic States in 2016.

We specialize in supplying thermal insulation of facades, flat roofs, various dowels and other fasteners.

Our products are tested and certified for various building bases.

Our activities are dedicated to the implementation of new solutions related to the fasteners, the improvement of represented factory, the manufactured products and the quality of the provided services.

Having experience in fasteners' sales, we ensure timely delivery.

We have a wide range of fasteners in our warehouses in VIlnius, including a full range of products in the largest size market.

- Plugs for thermal insulation of facades (longest - 420 mm): LDKTZ, LDKTN, LZKGZN;

- Plugs for attaching thermal insulation for flat roofs (longest - 525 mm): LDTK (analogue Gok, Lino);

- Various malleable screws, four-side expansion, extended expansion, etc.

- Universal pins, pins with screws, hooks and so on;

- Extended pins to 340mm in length, with screws, hexagonal TORX head, etc.

- Cutting, grinding, diamond, etc. discs;

- Universal drills for metal, concrete, wood, ceramic, etc.

- Various tool accessories.

The rapidly changing needs and requirements of our customers motivate us to constantly improve, use new technologies and constantly expand our services.

Our warehouse and logistics facilities allow us to adapt flexibly to market needs and our skilled and well-staffed team works quickly and reliably for high demands.